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Carbon Intensity Index (CII) is the result of a formula combining various elements as the travelled distance, ship technical informations and combustible data.
The indicator given here is an estimation based on the major factor of this formula.

Opsealog Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) enables you to review your vessel’s rating with a simplified estimation.

CII Regulation

CII regulation applies to ships of 5,000 GT and above.


This calculator is based on the IMO guidelines MEPC 338(76), 352(78), 353(78), 354(78), 355(78).


Opsealog system are certified by Verifavia for EU MRV and IMO DCS.

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This free report does not constitute the regulatory statement of compliance document required by the IMO

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Don't add another excel report to fill, clean and aggregate. Enjoy an ecosystem designed for your crews and you.


Calculating CII is easy. But automatizing these calculations based on clean data for accurate results is our expertise.


CII is an ever evolving challenge : plan you will have to operate you vessels in the coming years to remain compliant.

Streamlog - Timesheet for CII data report

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